Make the Kentucky Derby Illegal

Horse racing needs to be banned immediately, the number of horses that die at such a young age is startling. The issue with horse racing has been under debate for decades. There are videos of veterinarians and trainers abusing thoroughbred horses with dangerous electric devices shocking them. Giving them dangerous drugs so the horses can race injured. The amount of abuse these racehorses are forced to endure is inconceivable, and when they are of no use to race, they are sent to be butchered and hacked up. There are 20,000 new foals born every year just to become slaves for the horse racing industry and about half of them are killed in slaughterhouses. While organizations like PETA have started many programs to stop the slaughter of these abused exploited animals in the U.S. they are sent to countries like Canada and Mexico where it is still legal to slaughter horses for their flesh. The veterinarians and the owners arent the only ones that place cruel abuse on these animals, the jockey that rides the horse during the race whips the horse repeatedly to make the horse run faster. If State governments would pass a law to make horse racing illegal then the federal government would pass a law to make horse racing illegal for all 50 states. Exploiting these beautiful animals by forcing them to race is criminal. The public needs to be aware of the cruel abuse these animals are forced to face on a daily basis. The horses are the victims in this situation, the exploitation of all animals for betting and entertainment purposes needs to stop. By outlawing horse racing, one day it will outlaw all exploitations and abuse for profit.

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