Managing a complex care patient in a rapidly changing situation



Failed presentation twice got one more try. This is 30 percent of my mark got to pass this to pass essay. Please follow my details as much as you can cause i can’t change the topic got to improve it. This is my presentation which is part of my essay which i will send to you in few weeks once my presentation is sorted. I failed as i didn’t follow the SBAR communication tool.(very important) APA references need 8-10 references, 11 slides excluding references Assia ,medline, CINAHL, RCN (royal college of nursing) peer reviewed(feedback not enough). Mentions to state identity of the patient confidentiality within Nursing and Midwifery (NMC, 2015) Please can you also add NHS Wales references, so he’ll know it my work. Information of patient- Barry aged 75 lives in care home he’s a window. Suffers with chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease (COPD) . Ex smoker. First admission barry had head injury due to fall. Taken to accident and emergency. Assessed found to have a glasgow coma scale (GCS 14)? Seemed alert blood pressure and pulse normal. Barry discharged back to care home with head injury advice. Following day the staff at the home was concerned, he became sleepy with slurred speech. Condition deteriorating further, again taken to hospital. On admission Barry observations were respiratory rate 22,oxygen saturation levels 92 percent, blood pressure 165/70. Due to low saturation rate he was started on oxygen. His speech was incoherent and is eyes remained closed.A visible Hematoma had developed around is right eye and a computerised Tomography scan (CT) to see what was causing the problems. It was also identified at this point that along the Subdural Hematoma Barry experienced a stroke. Complicated situation at this point bleed and the stroke had to be managed. If you can make sure you add all that to make sense plus your own good ideas ill be grateful as i cant fail again. Sorry for all the information but can’t change my topic got to improve it.

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