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Compose a concisely worded and logically organized 13-15 page recommendation report (final). You should demonstrate expertise in the following: Gathering and using both primary and secondary research data (print and electronic) Using graphics in the presentation of research data Formatting and documenting research data according to APA Following the recommendation report model provided on Blackboard or in your textbook (Chapter 13) Employing report strategies learned in other assignments Megan, nicely written with excellent use of formal report design and APA headings to give readers navigation so they can find specific information about incarcerated youth with mental disabilities. Good use of expert source material advances a credible text (ethos) and a meaningful content (pathos) that capture reader interest and pull them into the issue (many readers have no idea about this problem in correctional facilities). Correct APA in-text citations and skillful use and integration of source material builds trust and confidence in what is written; the document looks professional and has good readability and a clear line of reasoning (logos). Very nice job here! The details and facts along with an excellent use of a visual advance pathos and help readers understand the need for addressing the problem; this establishes common ground and an emotional appeal (pathos)! Please remember, though, to use small roman numeral page numbers for the front matter to separate it from the body text. The body text would begin using regular numbers and start on page 1. In addition, when using visuals in reports we should place an “adapted from” phrase with the visual in 8-point font and a complete APA reference so readers can know where the information came from.

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