Methods to increase compliance with psychotropic medications in males ages 17yrs-21yrs with diagnosis of Schizophrenia?


After having developed research question, nurses must determine if there is substantial evidence that supports a potential change in practice. In order to initiate any change in policy or practice nurses must complete a review of literature. A review of literature provides the practicing nurse with the latest knowledge regarding any aspect of practice. For this assignment, you will conduct a literature review to search for empirical evidence that supports a practice policy currently in use where you work. Objectives The students will: Apply the steps of the process of retrieval, appraisal, and synthesis of evidence to improve patient outcomes. Integrate evidence, clinical judgment, inter-professional perspectives, and patient preferences in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in determining the relevance of selected studies for nursing practice. Assignment Guidelines 1. Utilizing your research question explore the empirical evidence supporting a practice policy in your practice setting. 2. Write an APA paper using the following outline: a. Introduction that includes the reason you chose the topic and a purpose statement (“The purpose of this paper is…”). b. Synthesize individual articles to reflect the state of evidence related to the question. Should reflect the current state of what is known about the topic. c. Conclusion that restates the purpose of the paper, and your research question. What can you conclude from the evidence in the literature review. What are the findings. What did your learn about the topic, what are your insights. Close with a summary of your overall findings and your recommendation based on the evidence discovery. 3. References: a minimum of 5 articles need to be included in your literature review. IT SHOULD BE IN A QUESTION FORM. ARE THEIR METHODS TO INCREASE COMPLIANCE WITH PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS IN MALES BTWEEN AGES OF 17YRS-24YRS WITH DIAGNOSIS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA? BE CLEAR. 17YRS-21YRS CORRECTIONS

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