Need to respond to this blog post need 200-250 word answer on what you think on it

Need to respond to this blog post need 200-250 word answer on what you think on it, can fluff the hell out of it.

Do people forget about humanity and only think of money? Humanity is defined in as: “The word humanity is from the Latin humanitas for “human nature, kindness.” Humanity includes all the humans, but it can also refer to the kind feelings humans often have for each other. Awww. But when you talk about humanity, you could just be talking about people as a whole. When people do bad things, it tests your faith in humanity, When people ask for money to help feed starving children, they’re appealing to your sense of humanity.” “The Chain,” by Ted Genoways talks about cruelty towards animal and employees in the book. How some workers even sexually molested them with rods or beat them with rods. It talks about how it was hard it was to get the rules about animal cruelty passed by the government. Sometimes it is hard for things to get passed against big corporations with the government because government is sometimes supported by the big corporations. It takes courage for people to stand up for what is right even if it hurts them. It was interesting to me on page 143 it mentioned Shawn Lyons working again, after all his abuse to animals, In places like nursing homes and hospitals where we know that patient abuse has been known to happen. In nursing homes there is barely room to move sometimes, one small closet and a few drawers for their clothes after most of them spent a life time living in a big house filled with many things. Many times with not enough workers so they don’t get the care they need or deserve. Some even abused by their care providers. This ties into the treatment that was read about the animals being tortured. Are people being treated as the animals were and is society ready to fight the government to get proper treatment for people too? Humanity is not dead. Although we have some corporations that feel money is the main goal, luckily we also have people who look at themselves as advocates for those people and animals. There are people who believe in human nature and kindness. Be the person to show your humanity for wrong. It only takes one person to start the fight and make a change. Be that person. One of my responses to the book was the relationship I saw between how effectively individuals disregard mankind and just… View the full answe

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