Nursing Care of the Older Person

Nursing Care of the Older Person (92437) – Essay Writing Assignment Help


This essay is based on a discussion with an older person about their experiences of the ageing process. Following this discussion, your essay will outline the person’s needs (from their perspective) and then the key supports you could put in place to enhance their support and to enable healthy ageing. The steps involved are described below:

As part of my Nursing degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, I am completing a subject titled – Nursing Care of the Older Person. This subject focuses on learning how to assist older people to age well and have the best possible quality of life. I would like to speak with you and hear your views about growing older. There is no obligation to say yes to this request.

If I say yes, what will it involve?

This discussion is likely to last for approximately 1 hour and can be completed face to face in any setting or over the phone. Following our discussion, I will write a summary of what we spoke about. In this written material, your personal details will not be disclosed at any time.

Do I have to say yes?

No you don’t have to say yes. It is completely up to you whether or not you participate.

What will happen if I say no?

Nothing. I will thank you for your time so far and won’t contact you about this assessment item again.

If I say yes, can I change my mind later?

You can change your mind at any time and don’t have to say why.

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