Nursing Shortages and Hospital Staffing Issues

Nursing Shortages and Hospital Staffing Issues
(750-1000 words)
Find another peer-reviewed academic article about your research topic. As you read, do some critical thinking about the article and consider what you have found

already in your exploratory paper.This essay should make 1 overall argument that evaluates the journal article; the essay should support that evaluation in the body

paragraphs with evidence and analysis. The critique should focus on the content of the article, engaging the argument of the author.

What is a critical review?

A critical review is a review of an article that combines a summary and a critical comment.

Why are you asked to write a critical review?

Students are required to write critical reviews in some of your courses to enable you to demonstrate that you can:

? read to understand the main points in an article

? analyze the findings or argument of the article

? decide the appropriate criteria by which to evaluate the article

? provide a critical evaluation of the article based on the criteria selected.

The ability to read critically is not only important in academic study, it is also important in business because critical abilities enable practitioners to keep up to

date and adjust to change; to assess and comment on problems and proposed solutions published in professional literature; and to evaluate and comment on solutions

proposed in the workplace.

What steps should you take in summarizing an article?

1. Take a quick overview of the article by reading

? the title

? the abstract

? the introduction

? the subheadings

? the conclusion

2. Read the article without taking notes in order to gain an overall idea of its aim and main idea.

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