personal philosophy of nursing

Nursing profession respect human life? dignity, and rights. Nursing profession includes everyone and this profession is not determined by any other differences such as nationality, race, color, age, sex, or socio-political leanings.

personal philosophy of nursing correction only
I wrote a personal nursing philosophy. I need more words, correction, and organizing. I attached my work and the guidelines. I Underlined what you need put some sources for it and make it larger with more organizing.

Personal Philosophy Guidelines
(Please See Rubric for Grading Criteria)

The personal philosophy of nursing is a formal paper written in first person (I) and is to include your perspectives on the metaparadigm concepts of client, health, nurse, and environment. Be sure to incorporate a statement of personal values and beliefs, as well as perspectives on any other concepts or issues such as health care policies, community issues, individual and/or cultural health care practices that may define, guide, or impact your practice as a nurse. A personal philosophy guides your development and practice as a registered nurse. It serves as your foundation. It is a work in progress and will probably change as you progress through the nursing curriculum. You will have an opportunity to revise this philosophy in the senior year of the nursing program. There are no right or wrong answers as it is your philosophy, but you do need to follow and include the required criteria to satisfactorily complete the assignment. The personal philosophy is written through a personal lens, but is often supported by appropriately referencing the written views of published authors and theorists. Your philosophy may be influenced by individuals you have encountered, personal values, previous healthcare experiences, current social or political issues, personal definitions of health and illness, and perceived roles/images of the professional nurse. You are strongly encouraged to clearly and creatively weave the course content (especially nursing, science, and liberal arts theories) into your philosophy.
Format: This essay is to be computer generated using APA style and must be structurally intact with appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion). Title page is required. Citations within in the body of the paper and a reference page are required when quoting or paraphrasing published authors or theorists. Limit pages to three (excluding the title and reference pages). Please don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the course faculty or the Academic Support Center to complete this project.

My work

Ten years ago, I enlisted in naval forces, and there were two nurses providing first aid as needed on the ship, and I was really like what they do. From that moment, I decided to study nursing. I chose the nursing to be my profession, even though in my community and other communities in the Middle East, people still do not realize the significant role of nursing, and they think nursing is just giving shot and taking vital signs. However, I promised my self to change this idea not just by explaining and talking about the importance of nursing, but the working coupled with strong science.

During study nursing, we learn that there are four metaparadigm concepts of nursing, person, environment, health, and nursing. These concepts lead us to understand and accommodate the key areas of focus when it comes to patient care. I have read some theories in nursing, and I liked the theory of health promotion model for Nola J. Pender. She defines the person in terms of the individual, who is the primary focus of the model. Also, she considers the environment is the physical, intrapersonal, and economic circumstances in which persons live. According to Pender’s model, health is a positive high-level state, and nursing is the role of nurse raising consciousness related to health-promoting behaviors, promoting self-efficacy, enhancing the benefits of change, controlling the environment to support behavior change, and managing barriers to change.

My philosophy is the nursing is a humanitarian job to care the individual and society, and If we look in our daily lives, we will find that we are all nurses in some way, for example, when a member of your family injured, you will try to provide him with full comfort and complete care and always try to provide an appropriate treatment in order to make the patient feel completely comfortable. This is exactly what nursing profession aimed since its inception, namely patient comfort. The primary responsibility of nurses is to provide nursing care to needy individuals. In addition, when applying nursing care, must provide ??full of values environment that respects the client, traditions, and spiritual beliefs of all individuals. Nursing profession respect human life? dignity, and rights. Nursing profession includes everyone and this profession is not determined by any other differences such as nationality, race, color, age, sex, or socio-political leanings.

I completely believe that Nursing profession needs a permanently tender to provide nursing care to individuals and families, thus provide services to the community as a whole. nursing profession shows interest in the variables or factors which human exposure and determine an individual’s response to effects or health pressures. In the case of an individual exposed to these pressures, the goal of nursing care is heading towards stability with the help of appropriate nursing interventions.

Finally, nurses must be highly efficient to serve the community, and be able to understand and assess the different needs as an integrated unit such as, healthy, culturally, socially, and psychologically to the community and individuals. Also, provide safe care for patients or healthy people, and ready to work within an integrated team through applying the nursing process and using the ways of nursing practice to solve problems. Nurses must know, maintain, develop personality traits, and attitudes which are necessary for the nursing profession to be an active and leading role in improving the performance level of nursing.

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