Personal Statement Application (600 words).

Personal Statement Application.

Sai is an ambitious, patient-focused Licensed Registered nurse with four years of experience in ambulatory health care. I have a master’s in science with a major in Biology from Osmania University in India. In 2012, I enrolled in a course in Nursing Prerequisites at Houston Community College. In 2014, I joined the University of Texas to pursue a Bachelor of Science course, majoring in Nursing. My passion for being a nurse started when I was a young child, and a nurse came to our village to help people suffering from various diseases. By applying for a Master of Science course in Nursing, I aim to acquire more knowledge to help me deliver better service to the people. From June 2017 to the present, I have been a registered nurse with the El Franco Lee Community Health Center, Harris Health System in Huston, Texas. My roles include supervising staff, delegating tasks, ensuring effective communication between all the stakeholders, telephone triage, administering medication, treating patients, and providing a high level of patient care in the facility. Previously, I worked for about one and a half years as a registered nurse at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Katy, Texas, where I supported specialty doctors in family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Besides that, I am certified by the Texas Board of Nursing License, American Heart Association, and possess a certificate in Special Education Teacher.
One of the personal experiences that would affect my grades would be concentrating more on work and forgetting some aspects of education. Both are equally important to me and given a chance, I would prosper in work and education. I previously worked while studying to cater to my need, and the experience has been enlightening, and I would not make some of the mistakes made earlier. One of my strengths is being good at communication and time management which has helped me connect better with the patients and other staff in the work setting. I can fluently speak English, Hindi, and Telugu languages. I also love to mentor other people, especially young graduates who enter the field of nursing, as I want them to achieve their dreams which will improve the quality of healthcare. One of my weaknesses is being too ambitious. I usually strive to be the best in what I do, and sometimes when I don’t achieve what I had set, I become less enthusiastic.
I chose the field of nursing because I wanted to impact people’s lives by improving their quality of life through healthcare. As a child, I experienced situations where some people I was close to could not access quality healthcare. Some ended up losing their lives, which made me grow up dreaming of pursuing a course in the field of nursing and getting the chance to help people. One interruption I encountered in my pursuit of education was a lack of resources. Though a challenge, it inspired me to work hard and be ambitious. I have worked various jobs that have helped raise my educational fees. Another critical interruption has been in the case of emergencies; I would be called to go and assist, and in some situations, it can be during the time I am supposed to attend my lectures. Through my previous experiences, I would manage my time wisely to ensure I succeed in my professional and educational life. I would highly appreciate a chance to pursue a Master in science course in Nursing, which would help me achieve my personal expectations and improve my knowledge in the field, hence delivering more quality services to the patients.

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