PICOT Questions for Nursing Research

PICOT Questions for Nursing Research

Forming research material and questions for the Nursing teams is one of the most critical parts of the evaluations being carried out. It is important to be flexible because the things are perceived differently by different people. One needs to rely on the current position of the patient in order to formulate proper questions.

In order to make a proper research question, it is important to choose a proper standard format for the development of question. The template can be as follows:

P: It stands for the patient i.e. to adjudge as if what is the problem that is faced by the patient, who he is and what lead him to the issue.

I stands for the intervention exposure one is allowed in order to ask questions and retrieve the information. It needs to be evaluated as to how should they be treated and who can do it.

C stands for the compassion derived. It can be used to compare the effect of intervention and how the result can be compared.

O stands for the outcome of the whole procedure and what lead to the results. It is to be evaluated as if the result is positive or negative.

T stands for the time constraint. It helps to define the timeframe under which the whole scenario should be created and how will the actions follow up.

The above stated template will help to form an effective question and answer which will be able to grasp the matter effectively. Once the data is gathered and stratified, it will become easy to

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