Please response to each discussion from two students, about one paragraph each.

Response to Two discussions:
Please response to each discussion from two students, about one paragraph each. (see attachment)
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Disscussion 1:
I have mixed feelings about the question regarding personal investment in the
topic. I do believe if you have a personal investment in the topic, research it
appropriately and argue your point without being too emotional you will be able to
provide a solid piece of work. I also think too much emotion is not appropriate. The
topic does not want to be completely one sided. According to Paine (2013)
?organizing an argument is to remember that you need to treat all sides of the issue
fairly and thoroughly? (Paine, 2013, p. 203). I do think personal involvement helps
sell your idea, but on the other hand if your topic is thoroughly researched, reviewed
and a strong argument is presented you should also be able to sell your topic.
The article Ending the Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Ludwig (2010) stated
?one in three children is substantially overweight or obese? (Ludwig, 2010). Dr.
Ludwig is a pediatrician and endocrinologist at Children?s Hospital in Boston and is
an Associate Professor in Pediatrics and Harvard Medical School. He is also the
founder of one of the most comprehensive pediatric obesity programs in the country
(Ludwig, 2010). Dr.Ludwig appears passionate about the topic, but I feel can still be
objective. He is engaged during the article present facts, statistics and an arguable
claim that is persuasive. His writing style was easy to follow and the article held your
interest without becoming too overwhelming with information. I feel he was strongly
interested in the topic without being over the top; he had a good balance of facts and
emotion on the topic.
Ludwig, D. S. (2010) Ending the childhood obesity epidemic.
Natural Foods
, 31(5), 10-12. [EBSCOhost]
Disscussion 2:
I believe in order to write a persuasive paper you need to be committed to the
topic. It is hard to convince someone else of something when you truly do not believe
it either. People will be more responsive to your writing when you write with
conviction and passion (Paine, 2013). Nothing is worse than reading an article that is
poorly wrote and not passionate. If you the writer are bored then the reader will be
too. Writing needs to be clear (Chamberlain, 2016) but also needs to have an
argumentative stance and be able to persuade the audience. This is best done by being
invested in the topic.
Sanders is a very passionate writer. The way the article is wrote is wrote is
very easy to follow. The writer makes statements with resources to back her
theory. The concept of decreasing concussions within sports is not an argumentative
topic, but who is responsible for this task is an argumentative stance. Sanders (2010)
notes that the lack of responsible parties is possible why there is a delay in protection
of players. She is writing under a trustworthy and respectable platform. The
Chronicle of Higher Education is known to produce educational and respectable
material that is accurate in its findings. Their writers take a passionate stance, but use
facts to back up their feelings and stances.
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Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2016).
ENGL-147 Week 3 Lesson: Planning a
Research Project.
[Online Lesson]. Downers Grove, IL: Devry Education
Paine, C. (2013).
Writing today (2nd ed).
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson
Sander, L. (2010).
Colleges struggle to protect athletes from concussion and its
. (Cover story). Chronicle of Higher Education, 57(6), A1?A10.
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Institution DISCUSSION ESSAY 2 Discussion Essay
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