Professional Academic Development & Research Skills

Professional Academic Development & Research Skills 3
This assessment is designed to assess Learning Outcomes 1,2,3 and 4: 1. Knowledge and understanding Assess a range of personal competencies that are required to operate professionally in the world of coaching and sport. 2. Subject specific skills Identify socio-cultural forces that shape trends in sport and analyse reasons for and against various perspectives in order to justify and present a sound counter response. 3. Thinking skills Critically evaluate a range of theories and sources and present them in a coherent written form to establish a well-reasoned argument. 4. Skills relevant to employability and personal development Demonstrate competency in written and presentation skills and demonstrate the ability to work to meet deadlines TASK A CRITICAL REFLECTION OF SELF WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE SPORTS COACHING AND/OR SPORTS DEVELOPMENT SECTOR Provide evidence and critically evaluate how your personal and professional engagement in sport has developed your personal attributes and employbility skills in relation to: Securing employment beyond university Progressing to further academic studies Developing your own sports related business You might also consider your personal and professional development in relation to the major substantive study that you are undertaking this year (consultancy project, research project, enterprise project, dissertation). You could evaluate how this will help you in your development. it is like personal statement but need 35 references my goal is getting to master degree of sport science performance analysis

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