project change control methodology

For this individual assignment, you will search the UMUC academic databases and professional journals to develop a generic project change control methodology that would be appropriate for most projects. You can use your team project for reference or as an example. The methodology or process will include the following elements: 1. Change control procedures what are the policies and procedures for approving, validating, and implementing change? 2. Change control plan a brief outline of how changes will be managed/controlled. 3. Change control meetings and communication describe how you will conduct change control meetings and communicate project changes to stakeholders. 4. Change authorization procedures what are the levels of authority for reviewing/approving/implementing changes? 5. Change control system(s) What are the project management information systems (PMIS) used for tracking and controlling changes (include at least one example of a template as part of your change control system). Instructions for completing the assignment: ? Before you begin this assignment, review the grading rubric for this assignment to understand how your work will be graded. ? Search out scholarly resources related to the subject of this assignment; use the UMUC online library databases as a start. You may also use course reading lists and PMBOK as resources. ? In MS Word, compose a paper of no more than 4 pages (not including Title or References page) that addresses all elements of this assignment. ? Format your assignment response in accordance with APA 6th edition, include the title page and References page, and save the file as PMAN634_IA9_yourlastname.

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