promote collaborative working

Project scenario Qatar have been successful in bidding for the world cup tournament and one project is to construct a state of the art football stadium in which to hold the world cup final. Due to the specialist nature of the project the project team is located as follows: the Concept Design Consultants are based in Canada, the mechanical and electrical engineers are based in England, the structural and civil engineers are based in Hong Kong, the Architects are based in Australia and you as the project manager are based in the Client offices in Qatar. The Client is the Government of Qatar. Guidelines: – 10% of the grade will be on the grammar and structure of the assignment. – 30% of the grade will be on the Team building processes and project management of the project. – 30% of the grade will be on the Review and identification of communication methods and practices used. – 30% of the grade will be on the Develop strategies for virtual team working. – use BIM technology for the Assignment. – The word count for this assessment is 2500 words plus or minus 10%. The word count excludes footnotes and reference list. – You should use the NTU Library Harvard Referencing System. Review the Academic Skills Guidebook in your New Student Orientation module for more information on correct referencing. books: – Communication in construction teams Book by Stephen Emmitt; Christopher A. Gorse 2007 Core Text – The BIM manager’s handbook: guidance for professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction Book by Dominik Holzer 2016 Core Text – Leading effective virtual teams: overcoming time and distance to achieve exceptional results Book by Nancy M. Settle-Murphy 2013 Core Text

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