Provide justification for the databases searched.

The role of leadership in managing change

The assessment provides you with the opportunity to explore aspects of leadership, as it relates to nursing practice, through existing literature. The assignment will enable you to build on your literature review skills, critique the evidence and synthesise the findings as relevant to nursing practice.

Search relevant databases to obtain a final SIX peer reviewed publications. When writing your assignment you need to include the following:
Identify and justify your chosen topic.
Provide justification for the databases searched.
Include an appendix with a table of databases searched.
Include the database name, key words and any limitations within the search
Justify the final selection of your six key papers (you may have devised inclusion and exclusion criteria)
Briefly summarise and appraise the limitations of each of the papers (consider the quality of each paper).Present these as a series of short paragraphs within the assignment.
Compare and contrast within and across the papers. Identify the main theories, findings, and/or implications for leadership and nursing practice
Critically reflect on how the literature review has built on your existing knowledge about leadership and its implications for nursing

Include a reference list, which includes, but is not limited to the six selected articles.

You should present the work as an essay, with a short introduction and conclusions. When referring to your knowledge and practice (the second last task in the list above) you may write in the first person. All words will be included in the word count except your reference list and appendix of database searches.

If you have more than six peer reviewed publications you must explain which six of these are more important than the others. For example the client has said if you have nine you must explain why the other three are not relevant.

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