Public Administration subject of government budget and finance.

Public Administration subject of government budget and finance. The paper needs ten scholarly articles-

The Literature Review should:

1) Provides evidence of independent study and documentation in relation to meeting the stated objective. This includes excellent use of library and other sources to include use of theories, facts, principles, and ideas of experts pertinent to the topic with personal reactions to these (e.g., agreement or disagreement, giving sound reason for or against). Include thoughts, ideas and concepts, etc. that are well documented by using authorities and original sources. 2) Provides analysis, originality of thought, and creativity. Analyze empirically whenever possible by utilizing a survey, data, interviews, etc. to demonstrate statistical significance. Accomplished by showing originality in use of your own ideas, analysis, by the use of facts, theories and principles from this course discipline and other disciplines. Develop and support your own ideas and display independent thinking. Display thorough consideration of pro and con sides with documentation.
3) Provides organization of project content and material. The paper is well arranged into appropriate categories and proceeds in a logical manner (e.g. general to specific or specific to general, etc.). The research provides a solid thesis statement, introduction, and corresponding conclusion. Additionally, the paper follows or exceeds requirements or assignment parameters.
4) The paper format is consistent with APA use and follows basic mechanics and clarity standards. This includes an excellent expression of ideas and the language is grammatically correct with ideas that are very clearly expressed.

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