recommend you review goal statements from Healthy People 2020

400 600 words (not including in text citations or reference list) Double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 margins, essay format Less than 20% of the word count should be direct quotes Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure Use APA referencing style. Must cite all sources of information. . Do not need to include APA formatting (for example, title page, running head, or abstract) All information must be accurate Use current (within 10 years), peer-reviewed journal articles (example: Journal of the American Medical Association) or non-partisan data (example: World Health Organization). Be wary of non-credible sources or biased sources. 1 reference must be a peer-reviewed journal article published within the past 10 years All information must be from reputable and reliable academic sources Note: Governmental publications, such as the MMWR, are credible but do not qualify as peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed journal articles are externally reviewed for accuracy and content. Students who submit a paper written on a topic other that one approved/assigned by the instructor will automatically receive a 50% point deduction. Content Requirements: Background information about the country in 1 paragraph (This is your introduction paragraph) Include at least 3 different pieces of background information that are relevant to public health. Some examples may include access to health services, population distribution by age, human rights and/or political issues, economic issues such as poverty, urban or rural distribution of population, social, religious, or cultural norms as it pertains to your topic. The connection to your topic should be made obvious. This section should not deal directly with your health problem. Rather, it should help the reader understand your country from an outsiders perspective, yet be relevant to public health, in general. Brief description of the health problem in 1 – 2 paragraphs First, define the health problem Second, include risk factors (causes) and consequences (effects) Last, include at least 2 pieces of epidemiologic data published within the past 10 years on the health issue and within the country of interest, which may include incidence rates, prevalence rates, and/or death rates. These two pieces of data should take the form of numbers. At least one reference for this section must be from a peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 10 years. Create an original goal statement (1-2 sentences) that addresses a way to improve the health problem/improve health. It must follow the structure as described below by being concise, measureable, specific, and realistic. In addition, it must include the following: Who is the target population? All citizens of country does not represent a specific target population. What is the health problem? Choose just one problem to address in your one How much change (represented by a percent) do you anticipate? Tip: A 10% change within 10 years is a realistic goal. By when will the change occur? This should be represented by a specific end date, not a range. If you are unsure about a goals realism, I recommend you review goal statements from Healthy People 2020: (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.) Example goal statement for the problem of Hearing loss among German elderly adults, leading to social isolation: Our goal is to improve the identification of hearing loss in elderly adults. German adults between the ages of 70 85 (who) will experience an increase hearing screenings (what) by 10% (how much) within the next 10 years (by when). Notice the goal statement includes the 4 required components: who, what, how much, and by when. It is also realistic.

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