reflect briefly on how sustainable development can be defined

In your answer you will thus need to do the following:• define sustained economic growth• reflect briefly on how sustainable development can be defined• when discussing productivity improvements, define, and distinguish between,technical and allocative efficiency• critically assess the role of competitive markets in improving productivity• reflect critically on possible incidences of market failure and on the role of thestate in improving productivity and managing sustainable development• make relevant references in your answer to one or more sectors (eg food andagriculture, transport, health, education, infrastructure, energy, manufacturedgoods, finance), ensuring that they illustrate clearly the points you are makingin relation to your discussion• seek to pose your conclusions in the form of policy recommendations (albeitcast broadly and generically), and in doing so seek to recognise and takeaccount of challenges for sustained economic growth, social equity andenvironmental protection.Please be aware that the bullets above are not a list of separate questions, but rather aset of tasks that should be used to guide and focus your answer. How and in what orderyou address these is up to you. A key aim of this question is to encourage you to thinkacross units and to apply your own critical judgement and analysis. This EA is designedto test your knowledge, creativity and analytical skill. You won’t find the answer in aspecific part of the course materials, but everything you need to know to create ananswer of your own can be found within the first five units of this module.

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