I do not think we as a society are prepared to work with a growing elderly population. A lot of elderly parents do not want to burden their children so they are living at home with a help of a nurse, which costs 15,000 per year to have. Also people are having the population are having less and less children so this forces some people to stay in nursing homes or having nurses at home. From watching the video I gathered the notion that a lot of the patients didn’t even want to live the way they are, and the children can’t bear to see their parents the way they are. Society aren’t prepared to work with the elderly population because of their inability to let go.
According to one nurse in the video we would need a extreme advancement in medical science to enhance the quality of life to keep the elderly happy. From what I saw in the video I would agree with her, the patients in the video looked very feeble even though science has helped the people live longer, but not better. Surgery is also required such as one patient who wasn’t able to swallow because they had advanced Parkinson’s. So they needed to put a whole in their stomach to be able to eat. Nursing homes can also enhance the quality of life for those over the age of 65. It was stated that after 6 months patents usually stay in the nursing homes, and this will let them be monitored 24 hours every week. It isn’t a good thing in my opinion but it does help them live longer and better. The concept of dealing with he elderly is a really touching matter in the society.The policy of having few children leads to… View the full answer

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