research the subject below and then write about it.

CJC 1000, Introduction to Corrections For this class, research the subject below and then write about it. Conviction and Incarceration of Juveniles as Adults – Kids in Adult Prisons Your paper must be in APA style, including: Title Page Not less than five full pages of content nor more than seven pages of content (Title and Reference pages DO NOT count). The total page count should be between seven (7) to ten (10) pages. Fully referenced in APA Style, to include in-text citations matched to references on the Reference Page No less than three references nor more than five references Citation must be a valid source: Wikipedia, NYT, WaPo, CNN, Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg Etc. ARE NOT VALID for College level APA writing. Do not annotate references. No Abstract or Table of Contents is required. Charts, graphs and photographs are not considered part of the body of the paper and are referenced and included in the appendix. This submission is to be college-level work free of grammar, spelling, usage and formatting errors. DO NOT put in extra spacing between paragraphs or pages to add length to the paper. Use the APA Style guidelines for margins on the top, bottom and sides of the text. Properly format your headers and page numbers to put them in the proper location on the page. Your submission must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx), PDF or RTF. No other formats will be acceptable or opened and will be graded as a “0.” All papers will be automatically checked by for plagiarism (copy-and-paste.) Please review the college plagiarism policy in the syllabus prior to submission of your paper. Note that copying and pasting large quantities of text from other writers, even if properly cited, is not acceptable in college papers. This includes your own work from other classes or Universities! Self-Plagiarism is considered to be re-cycled work and does not contribute to the learning experience of this course.

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