Score yourself based on their scoring system. Do you agree with this score? Why or why not?

*Before completing this forum, please be sure to read chapter 8 of your textbook and watch the crash course on intelligence video:’s talk about intelligence! As Hank mentions in the Intelligence Crash Course video, intelligence is a controversial subject in psychology. The origins of intelligence testing, especially, have been dark ones- the results of these tests have brought considerable harm to certain groups of people in history. Psychologists haven’t even agreed on an official definition of intelligence! It is a thoroughly difficult concept to understand and measure.For this assignment, you will tackling this controversial subject by building a 3 question intelligence test for some of your classmate’s to take. You will be creating this test based on the theories you have read about in your textbook.For your post (10 points)1. Decide on a theory of intelligence. Some theories we learned about this week include the triarchic theory of intelligence, Spearman’s theory of general intelligence, and Garndiner’s theory of multiple intelligences. You may choose one of these or any of the others mentioned in our textbook. Do NOT mention which theory you have chosen.2. Choose your three questions carefully.Here is an example of a 3 question test created using Spearman’s theory of general intelligence:1. The _______ desks ______ always dirty.A.Students; wereB.Student’s; wereC.Students’; areD.Students’ were2. If 45 – x = y and y = 5 * 7 what is x?A.35B.20C.10D.53. If some Germans are hot dogs and some poodles are Belgian then some hot dogs are Belgian. (True/False)Note that there is a question for three of the four areas Spearman suggested make up general intelligence: writing ability (question 1), math ability (question 2), and problem solving ability (question 3). Drawing ability is especially difficult to measure in this format and is therefore not included.3. Decide how you will score the test (for example, you could decide that each question in the example above is worth one point, so intelligence can range from 0 – 3, or you can assign each choice a different value (so choosing a could be worth more than choosing b), or you could decide that response time determines value (how quickly you choose the answer determines how many points you receive)). Describe your scoring system and define how the tester can determine if they score with low or high intelligence.For your response to a classmate:1. Take their intelligence test and include your answers2. Score yourself based on their scoring system. Do you agree with this score? Why or why not?3. What intelligence theory do you believe they used to create this test? Why? What are some of the problems with this intelligence test?GRADING:4 points: Questions (includes three questions clearly designed to test intelligence based on one of the theories covered, questions are clear and are possible to answer)4 points: Scoring system (includes a scoring system that is clear and easy to follow, includes a label for what different scores mean)2 point: Writing quality (few, minor grammar or spelling errors, clear, concise)5 points: participation in classmate’s test (took classmate’s test, scored yourself, decided whether or not you agree with the score, why)5 points: Theory guess (included a guess about the theory your classmate was using and your rationale for why, described the problems with this theory)

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