Search for and find reliable, unbiased sources and to use these sources in research papers, using correct MLA documentation. Write well-organized, well-developed expository essays in a variety of rhetorical modes, using Standard English, with a clear thesis

Ad analysis instructions You’ll search online and select a single-page advertisement (it cannot be a commercial, video, magazine cover, or poster) and analyze it in MLA style. The first page of your essay will be just the copy/pasted ad itself. You will then write an intro paragraph, four body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph, for a total of six paragraphs. As with the description mini-essay, this is intended to be a light, somewhat fun essay. However, your writing (grammar and punctuation especially) will be critiqued more closely than before. Upload your essay as a .doc / .docx or .pdf file (do not copy and paste content) through the Canvas Assignment page by the due date. Your similarity score must not exceed 20%. If it does, then you must revise and resubmit your essay by the deadline. It takes time for your similarity score to be calculated, and the % for resubmissions takes up to twenty-four hours to calculate. Instructions: First, search Google or another engine for a print advertisement that intrigues you. Paste that compelling advertisement onto a Word document. Pick an image you can work with. It will be your first page. You may not use a video–it must be a single-page print ad. Use MLA format. (We’ll discuss MLA vs. APA format in greater depth later.) Font is Times New Roman size 12. Entire essay should be double-spaced but have no extra spaces aside from that. Standard 1″ margins on all sides. Proofread it. Then read it aloud for Barry White-ness. Then revise it based on grammar, organization, and argumentation. Then proofread it again. Repeat this process at least three times. I used to write and revise my essays ten or more times, btw. As your teacher now, I proofread and revise presentations and Canvas instructions dozens of times. I notice a new way to improve my writing with each reading! On the first page you’ll paste the ad itself. On the second and following pages you’ll have a heading and content looking like this: Rita Hayworth Date English C100–Prof. Davis Ad Analysis Your Original Title Here Easy way to insert a Header using Word: Insert > Page Numbers > Top of Page > Plain Number 3. Then, when Header is open, type your last name beside the page number. Close the Header. Your name will show up beside all the page numbers. Sweet! (Remember, on your real essay all lines would be double-spaced.) Organizing your analysis? You bet. An outline is mandatory, though you don’t need to submit it to me. Intro paragraph (6-10 sentences): Open with a hook or attention-getter. Then describe the ad and state its target audience. End with a thesis sentence stating what your essay will do. Body paragraphs (4 paragraphs of 6-10 sentences each): Each paragraph should analyze a different aspect of the ad. Order your observations so that the paragraphs are coherent. Think about use of color, camera angle, the text, the subject, how/where it’s portrayed, what makes it attractive, and so on. Include comments about ethos, pathos, and logos. Make sure transition phrases open each new body paragraph, thus connecting your paragraphs fluidly. In the context of this ad, ethos (credibility) would come from the reputation of the product or from the person appearing with the product. Pathos would come from any emotional elements of the ad, including how colors are used to create an impression, Logos would come from any written content (slogan, text, etc.), data, or statistics on the ad. Conclusion paragraph (6-10 sentences): Now, discuss how you’d improve the ad! Suggest alternatives, such as new demographics who might be excluded from the current ad, a new slogan, new design, and so on. Again, the total length of the ad analysis is one page for the pasted ad plus the intro paragraph, four body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph, each paragraph being six to ten sentences long. Below is the grading rubric. Ad Analysis rubric /2 Format (font, margins, spacing, MLA heading and running head) /3 Organization (intro with thesis, transitions, topic sentences, conclusion) /4 Analysis (four body paragraphs, ethos/pathos/logos) /6 Grammar (punctuation, mechanics, syntax)

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