Select a concept for analysis and identify aim of the analysis

Nursing practice
Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Concept Analysis Paper Guidelines and Grading Criteria
A. Select a concept for analysis and identify aim of the analysis
B. Identify uses of the concept Literature review
You will examine the use of the concept in at least two disciplines other than nursing and the use of the concept in nursing and your own nursing experience. Definitions that are included should be analyzed. The literature is focused on how each discipline uses/studies the word/concept, what conditions must be present for the concept to occur, and what the outcomes of the concept are.
Summary of the literature review should also compare and contrast the antecedents, critical attributes, and consequences you considered. Demonstration of analysis and synthesis is essential. (Remember this part of the paper is worth 35% of your grade, therefore, you should have a substantive literature review for this paper. Literature includes but is not limited to articles, book and textbooks citations, research articles/studies, personal experiences, and personal communications.)
C. Determine antecedents (5 points), essential/critical attributes (10 points), and consequences (5 points) of the concept.
The rationale for the selection of these must be included. This discussion should also include the rationale for excluding any of the characteristics identified in the literature review. Any characteristics you synthesize into more abstract terms needs to be discussed. This section reflects analysis and synthesis of the information you obtained during the review of literature.
D. Develop cases using identified attributes (3 cases total)
Model, contrary, borderline, related, invented, and/or illegitimate (select at least three from this list)
Developing cases will demonstrate your understanding of what the concept is or is not. Cases should be logical, true to the essential/critical attributes, and adequately explain the concept.
E. Define empirical referents
Do the empirical referents fit with the attributes? Should be supported by the literature or make logical sense.
F. Implications for nursing (be specific to your practice or situation presented).
A maximum total of 5 points will be deducted for APA errors. If the paper is longer than the maximum allowable pages, the grade will be based upon the first 12 pages, not including the title page and references.

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