Select and describe a nursing theory to guide your practice. Develop goals and objectives for your Practicum Experience in this course.

Nursing Theories Guiding Practicum Experiences

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Nursing Theories Guiding Practicum Experiences

A practicum is course in a particular field of study that gives the student practical application of their con-currently and previous study (Bryan, 2004). It is common in social work major such as nursing and education. In addition, it is applicable to part-time student before the commencement of full-semester teaching. The practices assist practitioner to understand and learns the essence and the importance of offering quality nursing services to the community.

The researcher used Novice to Expert Theory by Patricia Benner describing levels of nursing experiences to guide this study. The researcher found that exposure levels reflect reliance on the abstract principle using concrete experience from the past. For a student to obtain experts, experience should follow the standards outlined by the theory. They include Novice level for beginners, advanced beginners, competence experience followed by proficiency and finally expert experience as the final level (Bryan, 2004). Building experience level depends on the previous one as the learners gained nursing expertise experience. Therefore, the experience was prerequisite for becoming experts in nursing. The theory provided a framework of the study by providing a framework on how students of nursing should follow in becoming experience-nursing experts. It also provides an effective way of generating knowledge about nursing for professional nursing practice (Benner &Wrubel, 1982).

Therefore, nursing students should respond to diverse strategies of gaining nursing experiences. The theory provides a practical program with backing from previous research on nursing fields. It provides meaning to universal human experiences such as hope, grieving, suffering, taking life day by day and time passing. The theory aim at changing professional understanding of what experts should be like to the nursing student, the prestigious position-holding nurses even to those providing exquisite nursing care (Benner, 1984).

The primary goal and objective of the practitioner will be to fulfill the duty of care in the course of nursing practice. Secondly, the practitioner will recognize own abilities and profession competence levels using Novice to expert theory. Thirdly, the practitioner aims at consultation with the supervisor if allocated an assignment beyond the skill level with the help of a novice to expert theory. In addition, the practitioner aim is appropriately identifying finding of nursing data by carrying out a comprehensive and accurate analysis of data. Further goals will be determining outcomes and intervention in nursing through data evaluation and with client consultation. The practitioner will further assist the community members to communicate their needs to help in making informed decision. Similarly, the practitioner will work will all team in ensuring an appropriate and consistent client care. The final goal will be to educate communities, client, and families on the ways of promoting and maintain health.

Practicum activities timeline

The practicum activities began immediately after school day. The preceptor introduced the practicum to other clients. The practitioner student stuck together with the preceptor for three days in obtaining route way of doing things. The student observed preceptor do examination of chronic, diabetic, blood pressure and cancers health problems. On behalf, the student was able to observe the preceptor close examining a certain person with diabetic health problems.References

Benner, P. (1984). Excellence and power in clinical nursing-practice. Menlo park: Addison-Wesley.

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The post Select and describe a nursing theory to guide your practice. Develop goals and objectives for your Practicum Experience in this course. When developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep the seven domains

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