Should we be concerned with diverse representation in politics in democracies? Justify your answer, and provide an example to illustrate the argument.

Outline: due June 24th (emailed by 11:59pm). Worth 5%.Final paper: due July 22th (submitted to Turnitin) Worth 25%.This assignment consists of two parts. The first is an outline for the major paper. The outline should be about a page in length, and include the following:• A specific research question,• A working thesis answering that question,• A planned outline for the paper (what arguments and evidence will you consider, and how they’ll help support your argument)• And at least three academic or reputable journalistic or policy sources you intend to use in your research paper using proper citation notation• Include a brief description of why each is relevant.Outlines may be in point form, except the working thesis. That should be written out in full. Your thesis may well change as you undertake your research, but you ought to begin with some hypothesis in mind.The second part of the assignment, the actual major paper, should be 1500 words. Formatting: a standard 12pt font, double-spaced with 1 inch margins. It must be submitted to Turnitin. Include your name and student number on the first page. Make sure pages are numbered.For both paper and outline, you must respond to one of the following prompts with a clear thesis, which you then support on the basis research. The paper must cite material beyond that covered in class—a minimum of one source per page, not including class readings.Sources in the outline ought to be reliable—that is, from academic sources (scholarly books and articles). The major paper itself may draw on both academic and well-regarded websites such as the New York Times, Globe and Mail, and the BBC.If you have questions about how reliable a source is, please email me well before the assignment due date. Provide citations using a standard style guide—MLA, APA, or Chicago. Guidelines for citing work are available on the university website and elsewhere online.For the outline, the purpose is to demonstrate you have a plan and all the necessary ingredients to put together a successful paper.For the paper itself, the purpose is to provide a clear argument (your thesis) supported through both reasoning and empirical evidence. A good argument will both make points in support of the thesis, and also identify and respond to potential criticisms or weaknesses. The paper should also have a *brief* introduction and conclusion, including a roadmap explaining to the reader how the argument will unfold.Your paper should respond to one of the following prompts. Indicate your position on the thesis, and provide an argument in support of your position. You may find the questions easier to answer if you restrict yourself to a particular aspect of the broader phenomenon in question AND to a particular region, or small set of countries, rather than speaking in general.1. How should we approach the issue of political comment and free speech on social media? Provide concrete examples in justifying your argument.2. What is the best form of democratic government? Illustrate your answer by comparing the political system in two countries.3. What political system leads to the fairest outcomes? Consider two cases to illustrate your argument. Be sure to explain how you are defining the term.4. Should we be concerned with diverse representation in politics in democracies? Justify your answer, and provide an example to illustrate the argument.5. Other topics require consent of the instructorPlease note that the failure to cite sources used in an academic paper, particularly if you fail to indicate that you are quoting or paraphrasing someone else, is considered a serious form of academic misconduct by the university. Please ensure that you are familiar with Capilano’s rules, standards and guidelines regarding plagiarism. When in doubt, ask.

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