The digital advertising economy today is a key component of surveillance capitalism. Discuss how surveillance capitalism impacts the way we engage with digital products, focusing on one particular digital technology company of your choice

For this assignment you will write an essay that critically analyzes your topic :

Your analysis should incorporate a small number of examples of advertising media that you have selected to illustrate your points. These examples should be discussed fully in a way that demonstrates your own critical perspective, and without lengthy description. You should refer to the appropriate readings and also find additional academic resources from public libraries and academic databases to provide evidence for your discussion and support your arguments. All resources that you refer to must be properly cited in the text of your essay (using an appropriate and consistent citation format of your choice) and also be listed in a bibliography at the end of your essay. You must also include your name and ID number at the beginning of your assignment.

Your assignments will be marked according to the following criteria:

Knowledge and understanding
Your essay should include a detailed discussion of concepts relevant to this course that demonstrates to the reader your knowledge and understanding of the material. You must also include additional academic materials in your essay that closely related to your topic, drawing primarily from academic work in the field of media and communications.

Analysis and discussion
Your discussion should include your own analysis of academic theories and concepts and how they are applied to your topic, and closely relate these to a small number of well-identified examples. You should avoid being descriptive and focus your discussion on the meanings and implications of these concepts in light of your topic. You should also direct your discussion towards an argument that makes a clear conclusion about your topic.

Academic skills
Assignments should be written using clear language and carefully proofread. All references, quotations, and paraphrased passages must be properly cited and appear in your bibliography.

You may submit your assignment in any common text format (PDF, word, pages, OpenDoc format, etc). Your submission must also include your name and ID number on the first page.

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