The effects of the CHF on the Swiss watch exports

!! The writer should be competent in STATA software and economics !! Also, I’m hoping for good communication throughout the process with the writer! I am writing a paper on the effects of the Swiss Franc (CHF) on the watch industry exports.The CHF has seen strong variations in 2015 due to the CHF being unpegged from the Euro. So, the vers strong CHF has caused worries about the exports that could suffer. I want to take a similar approach to the “Key paper” I uploaded.I’d like to have a graph similar to figure 2 (change in the exchange rate/change in Swiss exports) but have in our case a color for the watch exports per country and a color for the total exports per country.I’d also like a similar analysis to Table 1, with a “random effect panel regression”, with an analysis on the effects of the XXX/CHF rate on the watch exports and the effects on the total exports (and see how they compare, how they are each affected..)I am including :- Excel file with quarterly exchange rates for various currencies vs. the Swiss franc, and and quarterly watch exports, and quarterly total exports- STATA file (maybe it’s useless to cou but I imported some of the data there..)- the KEY PAPER, which I would like to follow partly…Sources: no specific number, but the key paper should be one…Please send me at the end, the STATA file, and the word document

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