The importance of Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs)


Unit 6 focuses on revision as an essential part of the writing process. With that in mind, this writing assignment provides the opportunity for you to review Units 2 through 5 from the Writing Express and to revise. Please return to the writing assignment from Unit 2 and revise creating a new essay that incorporates what you have learned from all of the units in the Writing Express. As you revise, you should review your instructor’s comments on your writing assignments from Units 2 – 5. Feel free to incorporate any of the appropriate research and sources from Units 4 and 5, and be sure to include any sources used in the essay on the list of References.

Your essay should include a title page per APA format, but you do not need to include an abstract. Your revised essay should be 800 – 1000 words. . Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Paper offers a clear, explicit, and direct discussion of the topic The language used is appropriate to the academic community The tone is objective in keeping with the scientific academic audience The introduction clearly identifies the topic and establishes a specific argument The paper includes a clear thesis statement that provides direction and focus for the essay Each body paragraph develops the argument established in the introduction Each body paragraph has a clear focus on one idea Each body paragraph includes a precise topic sentence Transitions establish logical connections between paragraphs Within paragraphs, transitions create connections and relationships between sentences The paper incorporates the source effectively, using it as part of a meaningful discussion of the topic Quotation is effectively incorporated, using a signal phrase or some other method of incorporation Summary is effectively integrated into the text Quotation and summary are clearly contextualized as part of writer’s discussion of the topic In-text citations are in correct APA format Reference list is in correct APA format Sources are clearly identified and cited, thus avoiding plagiarism

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