The Rise of eSport-Analysis and Potential of the German eSport Market

Please read the attached forecast for the master thesis first, to know what it will be about!!!This order will request the start (first 18 pages, Point 1. – 1.6) of the Master Thesis with the above mentioned title. In the first part (theoretic part) the author should describe the eSport market with all involving stakeholders (players, organizers, producers etc.), then the US and German market should be described as well as the acceptance of eSport in each country (and why it is so important to be accepted as an official sport). This part should be finished with a comparison of both markets (market analysis) . In the second part (this will be added later) the author will continue with the Method (point 2 – 2.5) and finish with the result of the qualitative interviews (interview with: an professional eSport player, an official of the German Sport association, an official of a eSport Club, a manager of eSport events, a politician, a manager of a eSport TV channel).Aim of the thesis is to give an outlook, forecast, strategy how eSport can be accepted as an official Sport in Germany. What needs to be covered, which gaps need to be closed that the parties: ESBD (German eSport Association ) and the DOSB (German Olympic Sport Association)/ German politics approach.1. Framework1.1 eSport1.2 Stakeholders1.3 eSport Market Germany1.4 eSport Market US1.5 Acceptance of eSport1.6 Comparison2. Method2.1 Relevance of the Investigation2.2 Study Group2.4 Selection of Design and Method2.4.1 Type of Interview2.4.2 Research Question and Scientific Knowledge2.5 Conducting of Interviews3. Results3.1 Qualitative content analysis according to Mayering3.2 Evaluation3.3 Conclusion and DiscussionReferences

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