The unhealthy hospital

The unhealthy hospital case study
March 7, 2019 Off All,

Read the case study which is about unhealthy hospital by Anthony Kovner and on the case study you should answer the questions. Question 1) What is going on the outside of the organization by using the PEST analysis?( politically, socio-culturally-technologically, and economically ) So using the PEST analysis or framework identify what is going on external to the organization (don’t mix up the internal with this) this is all about the external to the organization. External is all about threat and opportunity for a business. Question 2) This is also about the external environment; Analyze the competitor environment. Use Michael porters 5 forces structure analysis model, porters structural analysis (5 forces) Question 3) This question is about the internal environment analysis. For this one you need to know how to use the value chain. There are 2 components to it. Using the value chain model to identify any strength and weakness you see in either on the service delivery or support activities delivery. Question 4 ) Based on the above questions (external/internal) identify which adoptive in market entry strategies you would like to use in order to stratigecally plan for the organization Question 5 ) Identify what strategic posture you are taking? Must be linked to swot value chain competitive environment adaptive strategy and market entry strategy you can use outside sources but please use your word as much as you can and don’t enter the question on the paper just put their number

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