The “Willing Executioners

Read the attached summary of the symposium on Daniel Johah Goldhagen’s “Hitler’s Willing Executioners.”Summarize the main argument of the response to the (controversial) article. After summarizing the article, state which speaker you feel makes the strongest argument. Provide evidence from the text to support what you write.Instructions on how to write a reaction paper will be attachedFeedback from my last reaction paper .THESIS Statement: A thesis statement states the main argument of the paper and guides the reader.: Your introduction is too general and you make claims that need to be proven, but your statement itself–at the end of the paragraph–is strong.Do not introduce new material, or a new discussion, in a conclusion.EVIDENCE and overall argument.: The Third Reich existed after the Weimar Republic, not during it.GRAMMAR / FORMATTING: Why therefore? “Therefore, Meinecke claims…”You refer to “German” several times (and territorial of German). Do you mean Germany?Also, territorial is an adjective; you use it as a nominal.****Instructions from the syllabus:response paper consists of a one paragraph summary of the reading, followed by two full pages—Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced—discussing your “response” to the issue discussed. It is NOT a long summary. You need to discuss the specific issue being presented in the paper and include at least one reference to something in the period. For example, if you are writing about Romanticism and music, you would need to reference a specific work and perhaps an influence on the composer, or the period.Write a three page, double spaced (12 pt font) paper on the connection between culture and politics in the Introduction and the article on the “End of German Culture.” React to the common threads in both pieces.Remember the follow the attached model, especially taking care to (briefly) summarize the main arguments. After the summary, you can either agree or disagree. As always, use evidence from some source.

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