This an essay about semiotic analysis on soccer and how does that relate to the culture of American society

This an essay about semiotic analysis on soccer and how does that relate to the culture of American society, for example, one of soccer strategies flopping, which signifies lack of aggression which is clearly not suitable in the culture of America where aggression is desired, or the number of goals which are so few compared to other american sports signifies something. You also need to adress a logical fallacy somewhere in the paper, for example hasty generalization about soccer is because flopping is common in soccer, it is not a man sport, you can use other logical fallacy. here is also some of the requirement that is needed for this research paper Enhance your analysis of your text by researching any of the following: History of the text (Is the texts history important? Does its history reveal anything about why the text is the way it is?) Culture surrounding the text (What culture was the text produced in? What culture is currently attached to the text?) Theories and philosophies that can be applied to the text (Does the text lend itself to gender discussions? Race discussions? Social class discussions? Psychological discussions? Etc.) Any information that will help you avoid making the logical fallacies that you might have been making. You might find that you cannot find any researched information to support your claim. If thats the case, then you should think carefully whether your claim is valid or whether you might be committing some logical fallacies in your argument. This is where rewriting might be necessary. Incorporate a minimum of two of the sources that you researched throughout your essay not including your primary texts or any assigned readings. At core, your paper is still your semiotic analysis; however, often when analyzing semiotically, you are interpreting signs a particular way without necessarily using additional researched information to make sure that your claims are not off-base or weak. You will use your research to help support your analysis. It will not substitute for your analysis. Ideally, your paper will have analysis and research seamlessly integrated throughout with an approximate ratio of 70% analysis and 30% research. In rewriting, you might add, delete, or change any parts of your essay. Rewrites involve your ideas, your grammar, and your organization. In some cases, students have changed their entire thesis because they realized that their thesis was faulty and weak. The goal is for you to look at what you originally wrote and determine its validity. If it is a weak argument that does not have the possibility of being substantiated, then you will need to change the argument completely. If it is a weak argument that has the potential to be stronger with more support, then thats where your research will help you. The research project Research a minimum of eight (8) secondary sources, not including your primary sources (e.g. lyrics, movies), encyclopedias, dictionaries, other general information sources, or assigned readings from the class. At least half of your sources must be from academic/scholarly journals. At least half of your secondary sources must be published in the past four years. Include a bibliography that notes all 8 secondary sources that helped contribute to your thinking and writing of your paper as well as your primary sources. Include an abstract for a minimum of 8 sources. A template to follow is included in the abstracts assignment. If your revisions and additions to your original paper are not at least 25% of your original paper, you will receive a zero on the research paper. You MUST make enough revisions for this to count as a separate assignment.

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