to what extent does a growth mindset support children with a disability?

November 17, 2019 Off All,


I have requested you to write the methodology as you have written the first two chapters for this, introduction and literature review. The research title and research question is ‘to what extent does a growth mindset support children with a disability? An exploration of the experiences of pupils.’ HOW ARE YOU DOING IT? WHY ARE YOU DOING IT? WHAT’S YOUR POSITION? (iii) Research design – State how you have structured this and why you have taken those decisions and how will these support your research. Refer to research (from your reading and the module sessions) to support the decisions you have made. You will need to discuss the “ologies” (ontology, epistemology, methodology) and paradigms (positivist, interprevetist) here… ½ paragraphs on your ontological position which should lead into methodology. Methodology: wider philosophical frameworks, paradigms, qualitative/ quantitative data being collected, important research concepts (how ensuring research has reliability, validity/ is triangulated/ is ethical), data collection tools being used and rationale for choice Fundamental assumptions – what’s your position? Choices made in the design of the research – what methodology? Why? Make it clear in assignment how your ontological and epistemological position influences your approach to research. Where do you stand? Your positioning will dictate what you ask. Interpretivist paradigm – trying to explain/understand. Tends to be subjective. Often small scale. Looking for opinions- not proving anything. Looking for rich in-depth data. As stated previously, this section should start off with 1/2 paragraphs stating ontological position which should then lead into the methodology answering all of the questions above with evidence. As the focus is on children from this research assignment, I will be doing interviews and observations of the children. MUST BE CONSTANTLY AWARE OF YOUR POSITION, VALUES AND BELIEFS ON YOUR RESEARCH. I have attached the PPTs from the sessions as well as the criteria for the assignment. Module Curriculum Led Outcomes and Learning Opportunities: • discuss their own ontological and epistemological positioning in relation to both their research design and established research paradigms; • select and justify their research design, methodology and data collection instruments, substantiating their design by reference to relevant research literature; • critically analyse the validity, reliability and appropriateness of their research design; • articulate and critically discuss how ethical considerations have impacted on their research decisions; • critically discuss how ethical considerations have been embedded throughout the research design process.

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