Use the following guidelines to critique the research article provided. There is a distinct difference between critiquing and reporting. Make sure you critique.

Guidelines for Critique of Quantitative Research on hand washing
1. Use the following guidelines to critique the research article provided. There is a distinct difference between critiquing and reporting. Make sure you critique.
2. Refer to Chapter 18 for specific critiquing questions.
3. Prepare your paper using APA format 6th edition.
4. No abstract is required.
5. Page length should be no more than 4 pages, excluding title and reference pages.
6. This is a formal paper. Follow closely the writing rubric posted in the Table of Contents section of the course.
TITLE (2 points)
Does the title represent the study?
Abstract (3 points)
Does the abstract summarize the main points of the article?
Statement of the Problem (5 points)
Is the problem significant? Clear? Congruent with the purpose? Contains variables, population, & setting? Describes background?
Purpose (3 points)
Clearly stated? Addresses population, setting and variables?
Literature Review (5 points)
References current? Reviews previous studies and theories? Critiques studies? Summarizes what is known and not known
Conceptual/Theoretical framework (5 points)
Is the framework explicit of implicit? Based on tentative, substantive, or scientific theory? Identify, describe, define and describe relationships among variables or concepts? Presents a conceptual map? Links variables to concepts on the map?

Hypotheses/ research questions (5 points)
Direct, indirect, nondirectional hypotheses? Type of questions? Appropriately worded?
Consistent with framework, purpose, and problem?
Research Design (5 points)
Is the design appropriate? Examines hypotheses & questions? Logically linked to sampling method? Addresses threats to design validity? Does the framework explain links between variables?
Variables (3 points)
Are they clearly defined? Reflective of the concepts identified in the framework? Is the operational definition congruent with the conceptual definition?
Sample and Setting (5 points)
What sampling method was used? Is it appropriate? Explained inclusion & exclusion criteria? Was a power analysis done for sample size? Is size sufficient to avoid a type II error? Any treats to validity? Reflective of the population? Minimized error?
Data Collection (3 points)
Is the process clearly described? Is it conducted in a consistent manner? Ethical? Any adverse events and were they managed well?
Measurement (5 points)
Do selected measurements have reliability and validity? Appropriate for the study? Explain instruments used and critique based on Chapter 26 page 607. Appropriate level of measurement? Minimized error?
Data Analysis (5 points)
Are data analysis procedures appropriate for the type of data collected? Clearly described? How was missing data explained or problems managed? Do analysis techniques address study purpose? Was there enough power for statistical results? Are results presented in an understandable way? Interpretation logical and consistent with framework?

Statistical Analysis (5 points)
Were appropriate statistics test used? List procedures. Was the alpha or level of significance identified? Provide specific results. Were tables appropriate?
Findings (5 points)
Were the findings summarized? Explained tables and figures? Answered hypotheses or research questions?
Interpretation (5 points)
Were limitations discussed? Did the author tie in the conceptual framework? Was external validity addressed particularly generalizability? Do conclusions fit the results from data analysis? Were findings linked to the framework?
Implications (5 points)
Were implications for nursing practice, education, research or science addressed? Were suggestions made for future research?
Summarize strengths and weaknesses of the study (5 points)
Explain how the study contributes to nursing knowledge (5 points)
Graduate level writing should be concise, clear, and organized. Content should flow from paragraph to paragraph using proper transitions. Correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation will assist in this process. All graduate papers must be written using the APA 6th edition.
Guidelines adapted from: Grove, S.,Burns, N., & Gray, J. (2013). The practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

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