Rivers Hospital
We were visiting Rivers Hospital today to get some insite on how the health care system differs between Canada and in England.
Rivers Hospital is a private hospital.
First impression of the facility was more like a senior home rather than a hospital and it looked small from the out side.
We were greeted by David Houton who is a Pharmacist in the Hospital.
It was facinating to see how secure and sanitary the facility needed to be to prepare the medicine as a pharamacist since, I was only exposed to the retail pharmacist. Moreover, although it is very expensive to go to the private hospital but just to have the option to not having to wait on the wait list for a treatment if it is matter of life and death.

in UK GP offers primary care just like in Canada and decide whether if you need to go see a specialist.
Secondary care is funded by NHS, National Health Service, for all the UK tax payers.
Unfortunately, since NHS is running out of funds more people are agreeing to pay their own for medical care for the quicker access to medi care.

NHS meets the need of everyone, Free at the point of delivery, and it is based on clinical need not ability to pay.
The Rivers Hospital was under the Ramsey Health care which is a global healthcare organization, which is established in 1964 by Paul Ramsay.

Althought the facility from the outside of the building looked small they could offer multidisplinary care and surgeries.

As a private hospital they were marketing themselves with these differentiation from public hospitals in UK : 1. no wait list. 2. Constant expertise. 3. individualized customer care. 4. comfort and privacy. 5. Premium care privilage.

And since it is a private hospital, their reputation meant everything from the business perpective so they would put a lot of effort in quality control as well as public relations.

after a brief presentation of the hosptial and the history of organization, we got separated into 2 groups.
one group would head to radiology wing of the hospital to view the x-ray, ultra sound, cat scan part of the hospital wing, where the other group would get a tour of pharmacy part of the hospital where phamacist would prepare medicine for chemotherapy in a aseptic unit setting.

I’ve got to witness MRI and CT scan and got some information on how these radiology technology works. Interesting fact I’ve noticed from the explanantion of how x-ray would work is that X-ray would show high atomic number atoms such as calcium in bones better than O2 in lung.

High amount of radiation can cause cancer risk as a work hazzards so radiologists and technicians would get checked up and being monitored constantly for their health.

This is a reason why to check the condition of fetus they would use Ultra sound which does not produce radiation.

Then we went to the Chelsea Flower Show. I never knew that so many people were interested in the flower market. It was a giant Trade show being held at one of the wealthiest area in London, Chelsea. World’s premium garden show for
As a plant vendor, getting into Chelsea Flower Show is a very big deal.
Massiv Floral Display.
Landscape Garden
Moneys are being made from horticulture and its related business.
Gardening tools rediculous amount of money… in the market

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