What are correlations to evidence-based nursing practice, health outcomes in contemporary society,


The Scholarly assignment and PowerPoint is based on nursing leader:

Mary Breckenridge

The Assignment is 5 pages in APA format not including title and reference page and must include at least 5 references in APA format

The PowerPoint must be 20 slides and include 5 references in APA format

More details are listed below:

Using the cue questions below and the grading rubric as a guide, construct a scholarly paper and power point for submission.

Suggestions for topics to include but are not limited to:

· Introduction of the nurse leader and rationale for selection? Did they begin a “movement”? How did their life intertwine with the profession of nursing? What was their personal history and call to nursing? What societal issues were predominant at that time such as the women’s movement? Correlate their historical contributions with their nursing practice. Remember that the profession of nursing has developed around and within societal constraints and issues.

· How did they contribute to such arenas as public policy, health care delivery models, challenging regulatory barriers, public health, vulnerable populations, education, etc.?

· Are they responsible for any national organizations?

· What evidenced based research did they conduct or how did their contributions further advance the professional of nursing?

· How might these nurse leaders remain relevant to nursing practice today? What are correlations to evidence-base nursing practice, health outcomes in contemporary society, etc.?

Scholarly papers should entail the documented use of 5 or more references/sources used, in correct APA format, in addition to any textbook sources.While professional literature sources such as nursing journals may or may not be utilized (based upon availability), all sources must be relevant and from reputable sources such as documented historical narrativesfrom books. Electronic sources may be used to supplement literature sources. Scholarly papers should be NO MORE THAN 5-6 pages in length NOT including the title or reference pages.

The PowerPoint:

· prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 20 (minimum) to 25 (max) slides, inclusive of your reference slide. Type your actual presentation in the notes section of each slide (what you would say as the slide is shown). The notes section is just below each slide. You will see “click to add notes”. The narrative should be in complete sentences just as if you are giving a speech.

· Use at least five (5) scholarly references, in addition to the textbook and cite them in a reference list on the last slide. You do not need to put citations in text in this assignment.

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