What are the challenges faced by rural population

Rural Health Term Paper Outline I. Introduction, Background, and Significance A. Introduction and thesis (purpose) statement 1. Identification of rural community 2. Identification of topic 3. Thesis (purpose) statement (ex. This purpose of this paper will be to.) B. Background 1. Provide overview of topic for your community 2. Describe relevance of selected topic for your selected community 3. What are the challenges faced by rural population a. b. c. C. Significance 1. Statistical data which supports or illustrates prevalence of issue 2. Comparison to urban population 3. Comparison to United States II. Issue Identification A. Issue identified B. Strategies to reduce incidence 1. 2. 3. C. Resources available or needed to improve rural health outcomes III. Conclusion A. Summarize paper B. What did you learn? C. How will you incorporate into your nursing practice? In this paper, students develop a thorough analysis of the planned topic (pick a topic related to rural health nursing). Research on the topic should include formal, existing library databases, to retrieve supporting literature from at least five (5) peer-reviewed articles published in 2014 or later. Additional information may be obtained via health policy institutions, federal or state regulatory laws and guidelines along with interviews with qualified subject matter experts. The paper should be professionally written, succinct, and thorough using 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced. Resulting length should be between 8-10 pages. The rubric is below. All written work must be in proper APA format. (This includes a title page and running head: page numbers). Research on the topic should be placed on the Nursing Powerpoint slide and submitted separately. Each student must attach. Pdf or scanned copies of articles cited within the assignment. The paper will be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document (.docs), using the posted assignment location within Blackboard.

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