What are the ethical implications of replacing workers with robots?

October 25, 2019 Off All,

Description Research a topic of interest, present your findings in an essay. In order to approach this broad assignment, find a problem, question, or new development to focus on. For example: Problem: Obesity is a growing issue in America. ✦ Oftentimes, a problem focused research paper will first prove/explain the issue, then give a solution, or mention potential solutions. Question: What are the ethical implications of replacing workers with robots? ✦ A question driven research paper will provide multiple answers to the question, and then give an overall evaluation of the topic. New development: Advances in online educational platforms make it easier for people in remote locations to access university level courses. ✦ When presenting a new development, explain the potential impacts (both positive and negative) in order to demonstrate why it matters. Essay Requirements: • Essays should be 6-8 full pages • Essays must follow MLA font and citation guidelines, but may be creative in their formatting • Essays need to use a minimum of five sources (most of you will use more) Sources include, but are not limited to, texts from the book, online articles, data from credible websites, and interviews. Two of your sources must come from a library database and at least one should be peer reviewed. • Essays need to be revised and edited • Make sure your essay has: 1. An introduction that explains your topic in detail, acknowledges the sources that will be used, provides a clear thesis, and gives a plan of development. Note that longer essays will sometimes have a multi-paragraph introduction. If you chose to do so, the first paragraph would introduce your subject and a second paragraph would clearly outline the argument that will be made. 2. Body paragraphs that have a main point, support the thesis, and provide detailed evidence. Remember to closely analyze any type of evidence you incorporate, whether it be statistics, an anecdote, or quotes. 3. A conclusion that reflects back on the thesis and demonstrates the significance of the topic. In your conclusion make sure to answer the question: Why does this matter?

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