What are the factors one should consider when selecting the best town to move into? 1300 words

I desire to live in California. Some of the social-economic factors that I will look at to compare between New York and California include:


In New York, the salary scale is between $30,000 and $50,000 for university graduates. Considering the cost of living and conditions in New York is high, not unless one will consider living in Brooklyn where security will be a priority. In Manhattan, for instance, the cost of living is prohibitive, while in Brooklyn, it is relatively low. The income will vary depending on the company. More established companies will pay more but will significantly look at the experience a graduate may have (“Brooklyn’s Median Household Income Is Less Than $45,000”).

In California, the salary scale is about $30,000 and $50,000 for university graduates. The living condition here is cheaper regarding housing, food and travelling expenses. The presence of many startup companies coming up in California makes the place desirable as they will offer more income to the graduates. Salary for entry-level graduates in both cities seems the same, but due to the cost of living in both cities, I would prefer to work and live in California.


In New York, many private and public universities are located in various parts of the city. The city has a more substantial number of libraries where people can read or borrow educational materials. Some of the most renowned universities in New York include Columbia University, Cornell University and New York University.

In California, there are many educational centres in the region. Compared to New York, the state has few library systems for the people. Some of the world’s recognised universities here include Stanford University, San Francisco State University, and the University of California. Considering the living condition in California, I would prefer to get my education in the state as opposed to New York though the level of education in both the two states is the same. 


The population in California is approximately twice that of New York. More starts up are opening their headquarters in California, and the presence of world-known brands in the state such as Google, Apple, Tesla, among others, makes it a great place. It creates more employment opportunities in the region for the people hence it will be a good place for one to study or live once they graduate. In New York, one can get opportunities in all the sectors, but considering more tech opportunities in California and occupations are changing, it would be great to work in the state. The warm environment is also conducive throughout the year. Therefore, it will be hard for an individual’s health to be affected. In later years when one can consider starting their own companies, California can also be an excellent place to start since the office spaces are affordable, there is no traffic congestion and the ready market due to a large number of people present in the area. There are great occupational opportunities in both cities, but considering all the other factors, such as the cost of living and weather, California is the ideal place for me.

Political Status.

Politics is a major issue in California, and the politicians are the most prominent decision-makers on what goes on in this state. The three major political parties here are the Democratic party, the Republican party, and the Green party. The Democrats constitute the highest percentage among the people living in the area. The governor is the head of the state, while other key political leaders who control the state include the attorney general, Senate leader and minority leader. The judiciary system in this state also has a significant reputation on many issues such as civil liberties, trade unions and protection of the rights of the people. As for New York, being a large cosmopolitan city, politics is not much of a big issue. Democrats constitute the most significant percentage of all the followers, followed by the Republicans, while few other people have different political affiliations. Brooklyn is the area in the state that is mostly affected by politics since it has a high population compared to other state regions. It also contains a considerable number of immigrants who live in the area. Considering politics are conducted once every four years, in both cities, the people’s lives are not significantly affected, and businesses will only be affected when policies are passed in the assemblies. 


Health is one key sector that one should consider before moving into a new state. According to Richie survey, he compared the best and worst states regarding healthcare, California was ranked 25th while New York was ranked 28th among all the states in the United States. Regarding cost, California was ranked 22nd while New York was 46th. Comparing the ease of access to healthcare, California was ranked 48th while New York was ranked 9th. It indicates that the cost of healthcare in California is cheaper than in New York though the latter has more healthcare facilities in proximity. New York has one of the highest insurance premium levels for the employees and a low physician’s acceptance rate. Getting an opportunity to live and work in California would be ideal for me regarding accessing health care as it will be affordable compared to getting it in New York.


New York is one of the most populated cities in the United States, and it has a population of above 19 million people. It is also one of the biggest recipients of migrants who come to work and live in the city, making the community grow. A large percentage of the people live in the metropolitan areas of New York, while considerably another considerable portion is living in New York City. The population growth in the urban areas has been on the rise, while in New York City, the population growth is low. Orange County is the region with the most significant number of people in the state. Whites in New York constitute about 75%, while Blacks are 18%, while Asians and other minority groups form the rest of the population. Spanish and Chinese are two of the most spoken languages in the state of English. Christians form the most substantial part of the community, followed by non-religious people, while other religions are considerably small (United States Census Bureau).

California has a population of above 39 million people, making it the most populous state in the United States. The largest community is whites, while blacks and Asians also constitute too many people. Regarding religion, the Protestants represent the most significant percentage, followed by the Roman Catholics and people with no faith. Spanish is the second spoken language after English and Chinese if the third shows the variety of cultures that live in the area.


The weather in New York is cold in most parts of the year, with the average temperature being 400F to 600F. Snowfall is experienced in most of the states while the temperatures vary from one region to another. For California, the temperature is mostly warm in most of the months of the year, while it is cold during the winter season. The weather, especially the temperature, varies in some state regions. In Christina Valley, the temperature can rise to 1100 F, while in other areas, the high temperatures can be about 600 F, and the low temperatures can be 300.

If working or living in either of the states, California is ideal since the weather is warm and conducive. Living in areas where temperatures are cold is stressful and especially when trying to adapt after the summer is over and the cold weather is coming. The presence of warm weather will reduce the instances of getting diseases related to severe weather. Hence, I can be more productive working or living in California.

Considering some of these socio-economic factors, California would be ideal for studying and living as it has more favourable conditions than New York.


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