What are the most important issues to consider when discussing health care reform?

June 4, 2019 Off All,

Arguably the biggest health policy question in the last few decades is that of health care reform. National health care expenditures have already reached staggering amounts by 2016 – over $10,000 per person in the US, which works out to over $3.35 trillion total – and are expected to continue to grow going forward (Keehan et al., 2016). Over half of these costs are currently covered by the government, which has an enormous impact on the national budget. But health care, as we discussed in earlier weeks, is not just about the cost. It is also about what care we provide, to whom, and how well. This mix of factors is what legislators have been debating on an almost non-stop basis since the 1980s (and before). The question, which reminds us of our discussion on cost, quality, and access, is how to provide the best care to the most people at the lowest cost. How to do that effectively is met with varying answers, most deeply divided by political affiliation. Even wrapping our heads around the concept health care reform is challenging because there are so many factors – and related policy issues – that go into it. Our readings this week have you thinking about what health care reform includes, writ broadly, and what the major considerations are when thinking about policy options. Keehan, S, P., Poisal, J. A., Cuckler, G. A., Sisko, A. M., Smith, S. D., Madison, A. J., Stone, D. A., Wolfe, C. J., & Lizonitz, J. M. (2016). National health expenditure projections, 2015–25: Economy, prices, and aging expected to shape spending and enrollment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Health Affairs, 35(8), 1522-1531. doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2016.0459 In this discussion, you will consider what the most important factors are driving healthcare reform and what should be prioritized when crafting an effective health care system for the US. Use the following questions to help guide your initial post: What are the most important issues to consider when discussing health care reform? Who are the major stakeholders in the health care reform debates? Why does the US still not have an efficient and effective health care system? What does the research suggest would be the best alternative for health care reform in the US? Which ethical questions have taken precedence during health care reform debates? What are the most important ethical questions that remain at this point in the health care reform debate? Your response does not need to specifically address each individual bullet separately. However, your response should touch on the theme of each bullet in your completed post.

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