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This essay is related to Media Ethics, Policy and Law The main arguments and topics are tightly related to the ethics principles What I need from the essay: 1. You must write an essay relying on arguments made by Scanlon, Mill, etc (I will explain it later). So, you need to ethically analyse the health bloggers but through the prism of arguments of other academics. Their argumentations are not straightforward and mostly related to the broader ethical issues like: – Mill (On Liberty chapter1,2) – Scanlon (A Theory of Freedom of Expression) -Hugh LaFollette (Ethics in Practice) here he explains the basics of deontology and consequentialism -Paul Gomberg (Autonomy and Expression) – Alan Haworth (Freedom of Speech) – Robert Ambdur (Scanclon on Freedom of Expression) – Joel Feinberg (Profound Offence) Sometimes one academic writes a response on others and it is also appropriate to use. Overall, do not write your attitude on health blogging, instead, while analysing it use only thoughts and principles of academics and philosophers. How would they analyse this topic? 2. The introduction should serve as an Abstract. By this I mean, I should understand what do you want to say in the essay and what your final idea on that topic only by reading the introduction. No vague description, no mentioning who are these people (I’m speaking about the academics), do not write a lot about consequentialism and deontology (because the reader is aware of it). Embed these concepts appropriate in your analysis. 3. You do not have to argue in a manner “health logging is good/bad” in the conclusion. Leave this question open, rhetorical (ethical pluralism). 4. I will attach doc document where I described for you the main case study on health logger and what was the issue. The example in Russian, but don’t worry I translated and included everything that you need to know, so please do not ignore this step and read what I included in the word document. Thee name is “Main document!”. Also, there is one example from the Guardian website about English speaking health blogger. You can also use this example. 5. To ethically analyse this problem is not enough, you also need to understand what are the policies of Instagram and why this platform allows health bloggers to propagate a ‘bad’ way of treating people (Elena Kornilova case). 6. The final point is to include different opinions on this topic from ordinary people. I included 3 opinions on Kornilova case on the word doc. You can use direct quotation (everything is translated). 7. You need to include the law (Article 8). I will include the pdf doc it is translated in English. !Be direct, no irrelevant information, no vague descriptions, no explanations of the basic ethical concepts! Rubric (important): – you need to be able to identify different perspectives about why regulation might (might not) be needed discuss the issues in terms of the essential readings, and required readings on the topic. These should be introduced as appropriate (showing that you have an understanding of the main concepts and how they are applied). Use quotations for different perspectives you will discuss. Always discuss any quotation – do not let it speak for you. This means that you might have only four or five quotes in the assignment, including definitions. Critique the perspectives using evidence, the criticisms raised in the reading, and your own thinking. Emphasis should be on explaining and assessing different perspectives about an issue rather than developing an argument of your own. Your opinion should be an ‘informed opinion’ that takes account of the evidence and the different perspectives.

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