What are your personal philosophy/goals/visions related to your current position?

Vazquez6600 Application Grand Theory

Advanced Practice Nurse Role In Person Interview of an APN in Current Practice APN Role/Core Competencies, IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations, Educating APNs for Practice Reality Advanced Practice Nurse Role ( need to write it as it you was interviewing a Nurse Practitioner, my mayor is NP in Adult Gerontology) Conduct an Interview with an advanced practice nurse. Select the APN to interview (NP, CNS, CNM, CRNA, NIS etc.) in an area that you wish to practice. For example, if you wish to practice in education then you must interview an NP/APN that practices in an educational setting. ( I’m practicing on Adult Gerontology)The purpose of this interview is for you to gain insight into the advanced practice role. After the interview, complete a 3 to 4 page paper to summarize the interview. You can paraphrase or supply direct quotes. Be sure to have a logical, organized flow to the submitted paper. APA format is required: use correct grammar, punctuation, clear and logical organization, etc. The following sections must be addressed in the paper: A. Introduction Discuss the advanced practice nurse chosen for this interview (clinical setting, background, etc.) ( you can just make it anyplace, Ill change it later myself) Include the setting where the APN practices and clinical history of the APN. You must include contact information for APN full name, office location, and describe the environment of practice.( just invent it and ill change it later ) B. Interview- Key 15 questions 1. What is your official title of your position? adult gerontology 2. Can you briefly describe/explain your advanced practice role (job description)? do some research please 3. How long since you held this position? What were your previous positions and why did you leave those positions? just made it 4. What were job requirements for your role? (education and experiential requirements) 5. Do you think you were prepared adequately for your role? 6. What are positive and negative aspects of your position? do some research please 7. What are your personal philosophy/goals/visions related to your current position? 8. What do you think is your most significant challenge of your role? What are you doing to overcome the specified challenge? 9. What is your overall impression about your role within the organization? 10. Ifyoucouldchangeanyaspectofyourrole,whatwouldthatbe? 11. Howdoyouincorporateevidence-basedpracticeorresearchfindingsinyourrole? 12. Doyouthinkyouarecontributingtonursingprofession?Ifso, 13. Howdoyouthinkyouarecontributing? 14. Whatareyourthoughtsonadvancingthenursingdiscipline? 15. Whatareyourcareerplansforthenext5to10years? C. Conclusion & Summary What is your overall Impression about the interview (explain any insights/knowledge gained/helpful/unhelpful). D. References-Cite at least 4 relevant peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the Advanced NP role to substantiate/support your views/opinions (minimum 4 references in addition to your textbook). All individual written major assignments must be prepared following guidelines in the 6th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and critical elements for writing located in the School of Nursing and Allied Health Student Handbook. written assignments must include:  Title Page  Headings: Organize the paper with headings as outlined in the APA manual  Introductory paragraph that contains background information on the topic and ends with a purpose statement (The purpose of this paper is to…)  Summary: After completing all points of the assignment, the paper ends with a summary paragraph  Cite all information and provide the references in APA format

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