What career opportunities in lifespan management are in your community?

What career opportunities in lifespan management are in your community? How will you achieve your career goal of working in the lifespan management industry? Provide details.
Read and respond to the two discussion posts below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.

The front range of Colorado if full of diversity in employment when it comes to lifespan management, I however, live in the mountains, rural, about and hour an fifteen away and will have to move or travel (which isn’t out of the question). The communities within the front range are largely populated by veterans of the many Army and Air Force bases between Colorado Springs and Denver.

There are also large populations of elderly folks, individuals wounded both mentally and physically, and the physically and mentally disabled. With the unemployment rate being the lowest it has been in the last decade, the employment pool is limited (United States Department of Labor, 2019). However, there are many lifespan services provided specifically to U.S. veteran. At our local community college there is an opening for a Project Director of Disabled Student Support Services which is devoted to providing qualifying people, with emphasis on veterans, an encouraging achievable environment with specialized services to help those in need to meet their goals (Google, 2019).

In Denver, there is a case manager position open for people with developmental disabilities available. The responsibilities of this postilion entail planning, coordinating, and monitoring services available to those in need. The work to ensure that the patient’s health, wellness, and safety are obtained and that all services provided meet all federal, state, and local regulations and due process requirements (Google, 2019). In reading about the available positions in my area, my employment horizons are broadened.

A goal of mine is to be my own boss and open an in-home health care company that offers basic in-home assistance to specialized nursing, palliative, and hospice care in our rural community. There is an abundance of grey area in this process, and even more planning. While I am working to accomplish this goal, I maintain open employment options.

Elderly care has always been my driving force in school, however, reading about the job duties of a case work for those with developmental disabilities sparked my attention. I have worked briefly with developmentally disabled children as a Kids Adventure Night teacher at church. I also have a friend with a child with Downs Syndrome. These life experiences mixed with new knowledge has me turning my attention. To achieve this position, I have to have a Bachelor’s degree, but they are will to train the right person. I feel like if I keep chasing a dream to help others in one way or another I am achieving my goal of giving back.

There are several lifespan management opportunities in my community. I have worked with the community service board, I was staffed in the intellectual and developmental disability department based in group homes. All the residents have a Medicaid waiver that provided them in home supports. Some of the supports were 24/7 and others were for a few hours. We assisted the residents with activities of daily living, community integration and participation, safety skills support and training, and other person centered support needs. Some of the residents were institutionalized and had no lifespan management and now that they have a team to assist with their life they have control over their lifespan management.

Lifespan management is important for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities because it provides them with independence, social setting, and the ability to live with someone who is relatable. The care provided were catered to the residents needs and they were a part of everything involving their lives. The goals that were set to help with their lifespan management involved them, and the type of environment they lived also involved them.

When I first started working for community service boards I didn’t know that the U.S. Supreme court ruled that people with special needs who receive government benefits must be housed in the least restrictive possible setting. Group homes are great options for people with special needs who don’t require more advanced care but who cannot live independently. In many cases, group homes also provide a social setting for the residents that they would not otherwise have if they lived with parents or on their own. to achieve my career goal of working in the lifespan management industry is getting more education. I have work in this field for over ten years so experience is also important. There are always more to learn and completing school will give me the opportunity to advance in my career.

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