What does Brexit mean?

What does Brexit mean?
Why is Britain leaving the European Union?
What was the breakdown across the UK?
What is the European Union?
Who is going to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU?
How long will it take for Britain to leave the EU?
Why will Brexit take so long?
What happens to EU citizens living in the UK?
What happens to UK citizens working in the EU?
What about EU nationals who want to work in the UK?
What about all the economic warnings about Brexit? Were they wrong?
What has been the effect on the value of the pound?
What does that mean for prices in the shops?
Will immigration be cut?
Could there be a second referendum?
Will I need a visa to travel to the EU?
Will I still be able to use my passport?
Some say we could still remain in the single market – but what is a single market?
Has any other member state ever left the EU?
What does this mean for Scotland?
What does it mean for Northern Ireland?
How will pensions, savings, investments and mortgages be affected?
Will duty-free sales on Europe journeys return?
Will EHIC cards still be valid?
Will cars need new number plates?
Could MPs block an EU exit?
Will leaving the EU mean we don’t have to abide by the European Court of Human Rights?
Will the UK be able to rejoin the EU in the future?
Who wanted the UK to leave the EU?
What were their reasons for wanting the UK to leave?
Who wanted the UK to stay in the EU?
What were their reasons for wanting the UK to stay?
What about businesses?
Who led the rival sides in the campaign?
Will the EU still use English?
Will a Brexit harm product safety?
Which MPs were for staying and which for leaving?
How much does the UK contribute to the EU and how much do we get in return?
If I retire to Spain or another EU country will my healthcare costs still be covered?
What will happen to protected species?
How much money will the UK save through changes to migrant child benefits and welfare payments?
Will we be barred from the Eurovision Song Contest?
Has Brexit made house prices fall?
What is the ‘red tape’ that opponents of the EU complain about?
Will Britain be party to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?
What impact will leaving the EU have on the NHS?
What were the referendum outcome prediction/expectations among the analyst, investors and general public prior to the referendum?
How did financial markets react to the results of the referendum?
What are short-term (long-term) economic and financial consequences of Brexit?

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