what effective method can be used to increase compliance with psychotropic medications for patients with mental illness?


Objectives Students will: 1. Identify potential areas for research. 2. Link nursing practice to research questions. 3. Complete the first step of a literature review. Assignment Guidelines For this assignment, you will identify questions you have about aspects of your nursing practice. You will write them as research questions and interview other nurses to find out if they would be good research topics. This paper is to be written in APA format. To prepare your paper: 1.Identify a question you have about nursing practice. Select an area of interest or that need additional study. Consider the following example: Another student worried about the effects of soaking the feet of diabetic patients during nail care. It seemed to him that soaking his patients’ feet dried them out even more, putting them at increased risk for infection. 2.Write research question. 3. To establish face validity approach 2 registered nurses who work in the area of your research inquiry. Ask each of the nurses the following: •Are they aware of any research in this area? •Would research on this topic be helpful to practice? 4. Using the feedback you received from the nurses you interviewed, revise your question. When writing the Research Question Development Paper: 1.State the original question and briefly describe why you chose this topic. 2.Describe the nurses you interviewed. Do not give their names, but include their jobs and familiarity with research. 3.Summarize the feedback they gave you. 4. State the revised research questions. Identify the variables and the target population. You will utilize this question to complete your Literature Review. Two names to use for feedback: Tjuana Haywood RN and Carmella Pride LPN

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