What evidence supports and what fails to support the notion that gender identity is biologically determined?

9…markets are living institutions rather than static heritage sites, and they exercise important social functions for the neighborhoods in which they are located (Black 2012: 8). The paper must be 8-10 pages, including references. You will need to include your raw fieldnotes which will also be included in the page count. The paper must be double-spaced in Times New Roman size 12. You may choose from one of the prompts below or come up with your own question (which must be pre-approved by February 13). Based on which prompt you choose you will need to cite either class reading (Sweetness and Power or Porta Palazzo). Because the paper is based on your data, you do NOT need to incorporate readings outside of the course. For the assignment, you will employ participant-observation to study a local market. Ethnographic fieldwork, also known as participant-observation, is a cornerstone of cultural anthropology. As a methodology, participant-observation is the sharing in activities and talking to people to study the life of a particular group. In order to record your interactions, you will be responsible for keeping fieldnotes when you visit the market. Walk through the market at least once and record the following elements (based on Chiseri-Strater and Sunstein (1997)): ?When (date and time) ?Where (market name) ?Whoo Roughly how many people are in the market (consumers and vendors)? o What are the types of stands you see?o What is the age range of the population?? Sensory impressions o Soundso Tastes o Smellso Foods for sale? Conversation summaries include information about the conversations you have per the prompts below o Also note if there an insider language.For the paper, you will use your observations to write a narrative addressing one of the following prompts:1. For this prompt, you will analyze conversations with consumers. Speak to 3-4 consumers to uncover what their motivations are for attending the farmers market. Is it convenience? Do they have other (religious or ethical) motivations? Do they get advice on how to cook certain foods? Be sure to also ask about their habits. What do they usually buy and why? How often do they shop at the farmers market (once a month/week/year)? How long have they been shopping at the market (months/years)? Do they only visit the farmers market during specific seasons? Relate your data to Rachel Blacks Porta Palazzo book. What does this say about this specific social world? Based on your discussions, do consumers feel the market connects them to their food? 2. For this prompt, you will ask 3-4 people about a specific food they are buying and selling. Ask at least one consumer why they are buying the food, what dish they make with it, and why they came to the farmers market to buy it. For at least two (2) vendors, ask where they source the food, how long they have sold it, and why they started selling it. Relate your results to power in modes of consumption from Mintzs Sweetness and Power. Mintz states social history of the use of new foods in a western nation can contribute to an anthropology of modern life (Mintz xxvi). Based on these data, what elements does this food reveal about modern life?

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