What is Interactional Psychology?

Senior level Class is Employment and Personality Testing (Industrial & Organizational Psychology) Please be sure to read all of the question before responding and check to make sure you have answered all of the question Write professionally and in complete sentences If you use quotations or citations, use APA format WEBSITES ARE NOT A VALID RESOURCE! THE COURSE BOOK WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU IN PDF FORM FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, USE IT. Question 1 a. How can the measurement of personality of individual group members improve team processes? What are some of the challenges of measuring personality at the group level? b. Define, compare, and contrast the Universal method of team personality measurement versus the contingency approach. c. Define learning (mastery) goals and performance goals. How can knowledge of a persons preference for these goals improve training design? Question 2 a. What is Interactional Psychology? How can this concept be useful when understanding person-organizational fit? b. Compare and contrast the complementary and supplementary views of person-organizational fit. What are some other forms of fit? Question 3 a. What is the extreme variant view of personality disorders? Name one normal big five personality trait and the extreme variant of that trait viewed as a disorder. Why are some types of personality measures illegal to use in organizational settings? b. Define applicant faking behavior. How common is faking? How can applicant faking behavior have a negative effect on our attempts to hire quality employees? c. List and discuss three methods used to either detect or deter faking behavior.

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