What is Systemic Thought?

Unit One: Systems Theory Unit One Introduction In this unit you will listen to the iPod cast on systems theory; read two articles on a Systems Approach, explore a timeline to better understand the history of Marriage and Family Therapy and study key concepts and names associated with systemic thought. Unit One Outcomes Upon completion of this unit you should be able to: 1. Define the differences between linear and systemic thinking. 2. Describe those individuals associated with systems theory. 3. Describe the basic timeline of the history of Marriage and Family Therapy. 4. Highlight key terms connected to systemic thinking. 1.1 Text/Media Media Clip: Family Systems Theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SI1WUMmfHw Media Link: Family Therapy Timeline https://www.abacon.com/famtherapy/time.html Media Link: Family Therapy Therapist Profiles https://www.abacon.com/famtherapy/profiles.html Media Link: Family Therapy Historical Overview https://www.abacon.com/famtherapy/history.html (Brief Historical Overview) 1.1a Practice of MFT 1.1c Family Therapy-Systemic Approaches 1.1b Families as Systems 1.1d FamilySystemsTheory Terms 1.1e MFT Model Chart Instructions 1. Listen to the ipod cast called Family Systems Theory, followed by reading each of the other PDFs and links listed in the Resources section. 2. Be prepared to reflect on the concepts in these exercises for your writing assignment. Assignments 1.3 Threaded Discussion: What is Systemic Thought? Introduction Everyone is expected to participate in the discussion threads. In each discussion, a question or set of questions will be provided for your response. Also, you must provide an initial post answering the question(s). These posts will be evaluated for the substantive information that you bring to the discussion. Posts can be conversational in nature. They do not need to be essay style. The posts should also involve critical reflection. Instructions 1. In your initial post of at least 200 words, you should address the following questions: o What is systemic thinking? o What is linear thinking? o What are the key differences between systemic thinking and liner thinking?

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