What is the impact of information technology systems in conducting the best risk assessment process? 650 words

Risk Assessment process

The world relies on integrated information technology systems. There is an interconnection of all these systems worldwide via the internet. Companies, industries, and governments rely on the use of computer servers. However, the risks associated with this technology cannot be ignored. Risk can be identified as the probability of a dangerous occurrence that may lead to compromise, liability, or the loss of vital information. It can also be a negative occurrence caused by either external or internal problems that are preventable by using quality defensive and protective measures. When a company’s databases and information servers are compromised, the company suffers a serious setback from the intended hackers. It may be in the form of financial, social, or technological setbacks. However, all the servers and databases should remain on the internet for their functionality. Even though the internet provides the biggest threat to the compromise of these servers.
My understanding of the functionality of this reputable institution is broad. No matter the flaws it has in the technology sector, this organization has been putting significant efforts to strengthen the security of its servers and access to its information database. The Navy is a government-oriented institution, which gives the basis for several intended attacks by international enemies. The biggest loophole for potential threats lies in its structure and way of organization. The Navy frequently rotates its staff to various positions in its several departments. It is an internal structure with the intention of the best functionality of the institution. However, this creates a weakness in areas that need extreme care and expertise, such as the security of the servers and database management systems.
The risks involved with the change of guard in the systems administration and management desks are enormous. The security of the system can be jeopardized by inexperienced staff. Hackers with ill intentions and those with no intentions but to just hack for its fun have a playground. Bearing the gravity of the information and the delicate state of the Navy, the database’s safety needs to be high-tech. However, some risk assessment measures are in place to analyze and prevent potential threats to the Navy. They prioritize the identification of specific threats and the details of who provides the threats, why it is a threat, and what is the gravity of the potential risk. In addition, risk assessment continues to analyze the probability of the side threats and measures to counter the potential threat. Better mitigation strategies continue to explore the Navy’s ability to handle the effects of potential threats if the initial defensive mechanisms are overpowered.
In addition to that, the system’s vulnerabilities are put to check. Several steps should be looked into, and better solutions should be provided to provide the best solutions. Continuous reviewing of the threats and preventive measures need to be implemented. Assessment of the vulnerable systems needs to be put in place, and the risky information backed up severally in different systems if there is a breach. With all the information in place, defensive mechanisms in place, risk assessment, and backup solutions in case of compromise, an all-inclusive risk assessment policy can be drawn out of the possibilities. Several elements should be considered when all-inclusive research is done, including system failure, human fault, and potential physical damage.
The Navy normally deploys its specialized emergency response team designed to handle all kinds of risks. In addition, backup solutions for every server could be provided in secret if the main one is jeopardized. One kind of already installed mitigation measure is the several warm servers located in different locations in the ships designed to mitigate the occurrence of the main server fails. In addition to that, there is a special select expert team to handle system failure if it happens. In addition to electronic backup mechanisms, the Navy uses documented hard papers to archive some of the delicate information if the electronically stored one is compromised.

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