What is the most troubling aspect of this article? (or What is the most inspiring aspect of this article?)

Write a paragraph-long answer to one of the two questions above. Please follow the format for Reading Question assignments. Remember, you need to have the MLA works cited entry for your source. See MLA Works Cited Basics for help with that. Guidelines for selecting a reading: Should be at least 1000 words, around 3-4 pages printed out. (For reference, the Kyle Spenser article on The Koala was around 2500 words.) Doesnt have to be about the U.S. or the current time period. Pick something that you already have some interest or background knowledge onthis shouldnt turn into a research project. Use a good source (Hint: you will need to write an MLA works cited entry, and if you cant figure out who wrote or published your source, that is a bad sign). Does not have to be primary, or first-hand, source: Actual legal opinions for Supreme Court cases are primary sources (but are difficult to read for non-lawyers without a lot of background research) A personal essay about an event the writer was involved is a primary source, but could be a good option. Mostly likely you will use a secondary source. Some good options: Reporting from a newspaper or magazine that gives some quotes or information on both sides of an issue and explains enough background. An opinion article could work, but look for one that explains both sides of the issue and provides some background (sometimes, short option pieces are one-sided or just assume the reader already knows the background information). You could do fiction (or poetry) if you can think of something that fits. Do not use a tertiary, or third-hand source like Wikipedia https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/09/12/learning/why-is-freedom-of-speech-an-important-right-when-if-ever-can-it-be-limited.amp.html

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